Appointment of Council Members

2021.12.03 22:26 EruditeFellow Appointment of Council Members

Good morning,
The Royal Society has rigorously assessed the applications received and the achievements of those it has decided to appoint to the Council considering their professional standing, dedication to the fields they have shown interest in and their contribution to MHOC as a whole. The focus was on those who have had a clear positive and meaningful impact in the different fields supported by the Society, through academic research and their support and dedication to improving the fields they care about.
I take pride in announcing the following new Council Members:

Commiserations to those who were not selected. It was a very competitive process and was a very hard decision for me to make considering the applications sent and the level of interest shown were up to the mark. However, those who did not make it this time round will be eligible candidates when Fellowship nominations open up, at which point they will be subject to an election for admission into the Royal Society.
Congratulations to the new Council Members and I look forward to working with you all over the coming weeks and months!
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2021.12.03 22:26 eggjacket I'm a software engineer who works for an internet service provider, and the defense constantly spewing incorrect info about computers is driving me nuts

The defense's entire strategy belongs on badcomputerscience.
I know this is a very minor thing compared to that fact a piece of human garbage is on trial for a heinous crime. But holy fucking shit, it's making me crazy.
-People don't just casually use the dark web. You can't access a lot of regular sites from the dark web because they're not indexed there. The defense is correct that simply having Tor and using the dark web doesn't make someone a criminal. But Josh should also have a reasonable explanation of what he was doing with it, and "selling cars" isn't that. The defense is acting like using the dark web is equivalent of using a VPN, and it's not
-The bit about Josh not being a computer genius and not having enough education to do this stuff, command prompt codes being sooooo confusing.....a fucking child could partition a hard drive, and I'm not exaggerating. You google "how do i install a linux partition" and then follow the instructions. You don't need to know any command prompt codes. And as for getting tor and a bittorrent just fucking download them and use them. The same way you do anything else. A kid could do it.
-You can't just remotely access a computer. It's not like you could just give me your IP address and then I could connect to it from mine. You would have to set up a SSH server on your computer that allowed me to remotely connect. So the idea that some random person just remotely accessed Josh's computer and did this is fucking ridiculous and I don't understand why the judge is even letting them make this argument. If there was an SSH server on Josh's computer, we would know by now. There's no server. No one remotely accessed his computer.
-A router would be completely useless in a CSAM investigation and there's no reason the computer forensics team should've taken Josh's router. It's not improper or an oversight on the investigator's part. All a routers could show you is that the device in question was connected to it, and we already know it was, so looking through the router would be a complete waste of time.
Sorry for the rant; I'm sure no one cares about this as much as I do. But back when they were doing jury selection, people who knew about computers kept getting weeded out and I didn't understand why. But now I do--because the defense is hoping to just confuse the jury into acquitting Josh. Disgusting.
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2021.12.03 22:26 Evil__Maid How’s the person who sold their house for LRC feeling?

I don’t blame the person, and I’m 80% into LRC. Just curious if you are staring at the charts, or just riding it out.
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2021.12.03 22:26 BestGamerRory Bavarian Flag In Edinburgh, Scotland

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2021.12.03 22:26 pbennett54 6 urinals. The smallest is second to the right. Which do you choose and why?

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2021.12.03 22:26 HomerCrew Chase "Expedited" Shipping on my CC but took 4 biz days to ship it.

Checking the mail everyday last couple days just to finally call and be told they only just shipped my WOH card yesterday (and presumably AU card for SO)
Approved Friday 11/26. Shipped Thursday 12/03.
Just complaining. Playing with my emotions over here.
I like opening a new card!
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2021.12.03 22:25 Glum-Ad-6354 does it sound like my looks are holding me back?

I have been told I am only a seven out of ten in looks. I have straight hair with a part down the middle and apparently need bangs. I'm a B cup, have no ass, and am skinny. I can eat all the junk food in the world without gaining a single pound and actually spent the first few years of my life being underweight :)
I've been told I have nice eyes, but I don't know how to wear makeup and I tend to wear ugly clothes (a hoodie and jeans typically).
My skin is typically clear though I have a few pimples from time to time.
I don't have many hobbies except writing and swimming. I am not athletic and I am not an outdoors person. I am decently intelligent but am not good at physics, biology, or history. However, I have my early career goals (first 1-3 years out of school) set in stone.
I tend to be more introverted at first and I am NOT going to change to become more outgoing and flirty.
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2021.12.03 22:25 Spam00r Matrix Predictions

Based on all what we have seen so far in the TV spots and Trailers, what are your plot predictions so far?!
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2021.12.03 22:25 gyja Spare weed. Advice request.

As an alien in Vegas I have been enjoying some legal weed.
I don't smoke a lot, and you can not buy very small amounts. So I will have a glut of Indica left over. I travel back on Sunday and really don't want to throw exquisite weed in the sin bin at the airport.
Any ideas on what I can do with it?
Happy to give it to the disenfranchised around the hotels and the like, but not sure if that would get me into trouble.
Happy to give it anyone that would enjoy it as much as I have.
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2021.12.03 22:25 Various-Sandwich-188 B.C. not doing enough to fix shortage of 911 operators, ambulance dispatchers: critics

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2021.12.03 22:25 CryptoDeFinance What is Biswap? Is the DEX with lower fees and high APY Rewards

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2021.12.03 22:25 OkidoSanji Can anyone explain what the symbols mean on a transfer sheet?

I picked up an iron warriors transfer sheet. Can anyone explain or give me a link to what the symbols mean?
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2021.12.03 22:25 TheSaintBernie [Wrestling GM] Ichiban Review: Road to Ohitaki Insurrection (Nov. ’25)

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2021.12.03 22:25 NathanDee307 Blursed_burner_account

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2021.12.03 22:25 TtheSilverStacker T the Silver Stacker

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2021.12.03 22:25 jlynnedaniels Is this emotionally abusive? (need advice)

I will keep the backstory short but I imagine if you are a member here, you understand there is always a lot to the backstory. We got a dog together. I am a single mom, so I couldn't really handle puppy-hood, but he could, so we had an agreement and I helped out as much as possible. I asked him for more help when I had COVID, and when I moved, but offered the same when he traveled for work or had busy weeks. It wasn't exactly equal - but we were in a relationship, and it was an agreement. Since breaking up, co-parenting the dog became impossible, because he wouldn't show up when he said he would, wouldn't respond to schedule emails, wouldn't come up with a consistent plan with me, and wouldn't offer to come pick up the dog, leaving the work on me to drive an hour to do so more than once a week. I would break down crying asking for help to see a face with no remorse looking at me. I had given up a few times because it was impossible and causing me more stress and keeping me in the abusive cycle, but my daughter loved the dog. She is only 4 and I wanted to try for her. My last attempt after 3 months of trying and losing entire weekends to fighting (as I got stronger, and created any boundaries, he got louder and more angry), I told him I can't do it anymore. He had compared this whole situation to a child custody battle (obviously triggering for a single mom) and told me "I know your daughter loves the dog, but I love him more, and that's a fact" amongst other things. I stuck up for my daughter and called out the bullshit, and told him that I am throwing in the towel and I am done. The dog is his. He responded to that email with "the dog is yours. block me. don't reply to this email. block me on social media. this ends here." The contact ended there.
A week later, he left a present for my daughters birthday in the vestibule in our apartment. He then called to check in about the present. He then sent me an email with care instructions for the dogs neutering. Then asked to check in on him. I entertained it because I was worried if I didn't, it would continue.
And then yesterday he asked to co-parent the dog. I said no and that I couldn't talk about that right now, that I needed time and space. He said he respected that, but since then, I feel even more abused by his texts. He is reading a book on anger that he bought back in April, and keeps claiming he is changing and seeing things differently, but I have done SO MUCH WORK through therapy and books on EA, that I KNOW that reading 1/2 a book doesn't lead to changed behavior.
I can't paste the texts so I wrote them below:
HIM: Can I ask one more clarifying question?
I’m clearly confused because I don’t know how to word this so please understand I’m not even sure what “exactly” I’m asking here, but I’m just going to roll with it and hope you understand.
There was 3 or 4 times in which you said that Harry was my dog, but ended up going back and saying you can’t give up the dog.
Now I’ve done this for the first time, said the dog is yours and now I’ve gone back and said I can’t deal with that.
And I don’t think there was a time in those 3 or 4 times that I said I will be keeping the dog until I’m ready to have a conversation about it. Whenever that may be.
Something in this does feel off to me, but I also could be missing something or not remembering everything clearly that’s why I’m seeking clarity.

ME: This doesn't seem like a clarifying question.
HIM: Again, I stated my confusion within myself. I guess I should have worded it differently that I’m seeking clarity on two similar situations that have differentiating outcomes. I want to understand why they are different or being handled differently I guess?
ME: Why do you think it needs to be handled the same?
I don't think you see the cumulative effect of your words and actions. I can't keep doing this, it's killed me. I cant argue anymore, it's destroying me, and I wont. I told you in the last email I was done, and you replied that you're done. I'm not putting myself in a place where I'm fighting about who loves who more. You referred to CHILDS NAME as "owning" her in the email, and I chose not to jump on that, but it shows how you feel. I can't keep doing this to myself. I did it for over a year, and I can do it anymore. I reached my peak many times and I dont think you have any idea of the impact this all has had on me.

I told you initially when you asked that I am not ready for a conversation on this, and I am not ready to set boundaries with you on how that conversation needs to go. I don't feel you're respecting that and I feel you're expecting me to be able to just see you and exchange the dog, without any conversation, understanding, or agreement. I'm not willing to do that anymore.

I wish you'd take a step back and see the cumulative effects of things. I have tried to explain it to you many times...but things add up, and just because you move past it doesn't mean the people you hurt do.

HIM: I’ve been yelled at so many times for not asking questions and rather assume intent on everything. But the times I have actually asked questions for clarity or clarity in general it’s almost always met with deflection and or arguments. It’s beyond confusing and frustrating.
But thank you for your response

ME: The questions your asking don't feel like they're for clarity. I feel you're asking questions that have a specific answer youre looking for.

HIM: I’m honestly sorry. Argument was the wrong word. I said what I wanted to type out to you in my head earlier and it was supposed to say “deflecting or defensiveness” but, like every time we get into something of this nature, I get a lot of anxiety in responding and my heart was racing and I couldn’t remember “defensiveness” and I said argue instead. It wasn’t until right now that it popped back in my head. I’m am sorry.
ME: Either way, telling me I'm deflecting or defensive is invalidating how I feel and what I said to answer your question.
HIM: I was talking about

“This doesn’t seem to be a clarifying question”

“Why do you think it needs to be handled the same?”

That is being deflective and defensive.

AND I did say thank you for your response at the end. I wasn’t invalidating how you feel. I have tried a lot of things you’ve taught me, things I’ve learned personally, thinks you’ve asked of me to communicate more effectively, not every single time, but there have been plenty of times, but it’s almost always met with some sort of wall.
It feels like something I’m reading about currently called the “change-back” response in my book. When I do something the complete opposite of my old ways, it’s not received well because it’s not the norm.

And I felt like I am allowed to acknowledge that, while also validating your feelings by thanking you for the actual response.

I wasn’t fishing for a certain response either. I wanted to get the full scope of everything instead of reverting to my old ways.
ME: I don't feel comfortable responding.
HIM: That’s fine. And You are entitled to say what you want about what you want, when you want, just as much as I am. I am not sitting here arguing with you. I’m just asking questions and giving my perspective on some things. The intent of this is nothing more than that. Again, this is another situation where I am remaining level-headed, trying to do the right thing in asking questions among other things, and expressing my feelings too. Please don’t get upset or mad at me.
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2021.12.03 22:25 marcustrelle Question About Professor Layton 2

At GDC 2009 at the prompting of a guest it was announced that Level 5 would be releasing the Professor Layton games every six months. Except Layton 2 came out in six months but the other sequels didn't. This obviously wasn't true or else the fourth game would have been out in the west by September 2010. Level 5 got called out for this by a few people. Was this a lie or was it a mistake by the woman translating Hino's words?
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2021.12.03 22:25 AdditionalFlask Rose Byrne

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2021.12.03 22:25 TrajanPrinceps1997 React Native Expo Slow?

I read that some consider react native expo to be very slow especially when the app is running is this still the case ?
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2021.12.03 22:25 masonandco What is a good housewarming gift?

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2021.12.03 22:25 angelxtearss Trading Teddy Z and Val 20 for Amazon Gift Card, Visa Gift Card, Or Robux!

I would prefer to trade them together, but I do separate as well! ^^
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2021.12.03 22:25 the_noob_normie ssh
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2021.12.03 22:25 PM_ME_SSTEAM_KEYS haha🤔yes

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2021.12.03 22:25 boyracerrr First of the roll in San Francisco - Canon Ae-1 28mm f2.8 - Velvia 100 [OC]

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2021.12.03 22:25 The-WeaponX [TOMJ] [PLAYTHROUGH][2014-2017]

Hotel escape game? [Pewdiepie play through] A few years back I remember watching a play through of game that I believe Pewdiepie did (however on the off chance it could have been jackcepticeye or Markiplier). I have looked over a lot of his content searching for it but to avail. what I do remember of the games premise was that the main character was stuck in some sort of building which was either a hotel or mansion and they were trying to escape. The way that they escaped was by battling the other beings in the houses. They were not spirits nor any undead creature and were all unique in design. The goal was to obtain something from each battle you had and I believe it to be something like souls or something but I am unsure). They were like mini boss fights with each boss producing a different challenge. The player was in first person and could walk around freely in a two story building. From what I remember of the visual aspects of the game did not look realistic and was more cartoonish in appearance. Also I believe the game to be first person. In terms of the boss designs they seemed boxy, one I remember the clearest was grey, red and yellow and was T shaped. It was a male character that reminded me of the design of the wither. It was almost like a candelabrum or scale. When confronted by this character he sang something, it was only a line long. His accent was american so it is likely an indie game made in America.I also believe another character looked like a cat but I could be wrong. Another aspect of the game I did not mention earlier was that you could enter the rooms and there were cupboard and beds. I remember watching Pewds avoiding interactions with the residents by going into the rooms or walking away. If you took the time to read this I thank you :D
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