Marvel fans slam scalpers for trying to make 'quick money' reselling tickets: 'Who in their right mind would pay that much?'

2021.12.03 21:39 AGOTFAN Marvel fans slam scalpers for trying to make 'quick money' reselling tickets: 'Who in their right mind would pay that much?'

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2021.12.03 21:39 Unlucky-Tomorrow327 fuel pump

this was in my old fuel sending unit. what is it for? do i need it? i’m currently fixing my 89 firebird and i bought a new one but this wasn’t included
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2021.12.03 21:39 AwNymeria It’s the most wonderful time of the year - Link only gets snuggly when it’s cold outside 🥰

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2021.12.03 21:39 babylonsistr Roman

“dirty little pixie” perfect description for Roman.
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2021.12.03 21:39 laceymusic317 Did switch get the /players update yet?

My game updated last night but the option is still nowhere to be found in my menus. Definitely offline SP
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2021.12.03 21:39 a-llypally plat 4 ranked grind :)

my boyfriend and i are looking for a ranked third. he can play just about anyone but he’s normally a wraith main. i main blood mostly but i also have been playing wattson on the side. we’re aggressive players that can hit our shots but we also have good game sense and know how to disengage.
we would like to hit diamond but we’re just trying to have some fun along the way. we’re both 18 :) just looking for good teammates that can take some losses without rage. we understand losses are frustrating but it’s just a game and we’re not going to play like our lives are on the line every match. preferably someone around our age that matches our vibe :)
if you’re interested send me a message or comment <3
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2021.12.03 21:39 evillurkz This build is way too fun. watch them burn
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2021.12.03 21:39 parkstar86 Fauci calls out Fox News for letting host compare him to Nazi doctor: 'Astounded'

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2021.12.03 21:39 derleezy Kg this u? Lookin mad cute

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2021.12.03 21:39 BatmanNewsChris Henry Cavill and Tom Holland talk about being able to pee in their superhero costumes

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2021.12.03 21:39 Complete_Key4169 Slap

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2021.12.03 21:39 MrKajii Viego Build Comparison: TTK and eHP / TTK

Viego Build Comparison: TTK and eHP / TTK
1 Item

2 Items
3 Items
Armor vs Health vs MR Shards at LVs 1-11
I made a spreadsheet comparing Viego builds based on combos (w-a-q-a,w-a-q-a-r-a,a-q-a-a-a-q-a), ttk, ehp, and ehp / ttk. I've also made tables comparing some of these values but haven't finished completing the dmg numbers.
The competitive ttk and ehp / ttk don't include the underperforming builds so they are easier to view in a screenshot but there are tables w/ all builds in the spreadsheet.
I'm looking for any suggestions for either builds to add, data to collect, or how to improve data clarity.
Also, especially for jungle, consider either the health or magic shard since the armor shard underperforms for most of the game.
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2021.12.03 21:39 AccurateJaney (Solstice Spoilers) Solstice Crew

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2021.12.03 21:39 Lyzz41094 He doesn't want to get married. I don't know what to do.

I never thought about getting married until I was with him. We have a child together. I love him, but today when the topic of marriage came up he said he believed that two people could live a great life together without the social construct of marriage.
It was like a slap to the face honestly.
I don't know. It feels like a big deal? Is it? I feel very conflicted because I'm already giving up having 3 kids to having 2 because he only wants 2 and now I don't even get a ring with that either.
I feel distraught and it makes me wonder if I'm just crazy or if my feelings are valid.
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2021.12.03 21:39 lazydes Dr. Dolittle vs Dr. Moreau

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2021.12.03 21:39 Jeffmaru Is this 2cb, 4fmp or something else?

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2021.12.03 21:39 Beware_the_Moon_Leo Is this supposed to be a decent prebuilt gaming pc?

So I'm not sure what is happening but my computer can't really handle streaming very well or playing games with friends. Is there something I need to do to upgrade it? Or maybe just completely wipe the computer so it starts fresh? Maybe there's too much on there. Who the fuck knows. It's very frustrating to have games crash or just straight up not work very well at all when streaming or with friends.
The only thing I can see is that maybe upgrading the processor and the RAM may help and maybe deleting things I don't need on my computer.
Here are the specs I have currently:
Any advice?
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2021.12.03 21:39 Convicted1 Just got my hanafuda postcard set from the UK. They are super thick card stock. They feel like old postcards very textured. They are super nice im really glad I got em. If your into stuff like this i recommend them highly.

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2021.12.03 21:39 SmellyNuts_69 Bench one

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2021.12.03 21:39 TheBlazeBot Fauci responds to Fox News host comparing him to infamous Nazi doctor: 'Absolutely preposterous and disgusting'

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2021.12.03 21:39 Breezyplanet123 add me if you wanna send streaks :)

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2021.12.03 21:39 Hour-Cauliflower5631 No idea what to text 3 days after amazing date

So I (28M) went on a really good date three days ago. We met online, had very minimal discussion on an app. It was basically "you seem really cool, want to go out on a dinner date" and we set up the time and place and didn't really talk on the app besides that. We met, and had a great time. We stayed at the restaurant for a really long time. There was a lot of flirtation and compliments about each other. I really wanted it to go longer, but he said he had to get home because he had work early but that he wished we could keep talking. So we walked to our respective cars, he gave me his phone number and a really good hug. Then he said we should do this again, but not until January because he was really busy at work, and would be flying home next until the new year. I said that's fine because I was also going out of town soon. Before I got home he had already sent me a post date text telling me how much fun he had. I responded with something similar. But that's been it. We haven't spoken at all since. I haven't known what to say. I've gone on tons of dates before and am usually a great texter, but it just feels different. Probably because we didn't talk on the app beforehand at all, but I just feel weird about texting him. I really liked him from the one date, and I don't want to mess things up by texting too much. But I also don't want to make him think I'm not interested by not texting at all.
Does anyone have any advice on what I should do or say? January just seems so far away. Initially I was thinking maybe I'd wait until Christmas and text him Merry Christmas and ask how he's doing, and slowly work that into planning our next date.
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2021.12.03 21:39 kschmitz22 Free Helpdesk!

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2021.12.03 21:39 GeneralSpritz Silent Pyramid Head by Danetsu

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2021.12.03 21:39 brosenz How to save whole websites for offline reading? No just a single page like the Reading List off-line functionality

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