Struggling with my last S to get my Mastery 7

2021.12.03 22:01 SAlqarni014 Struggling with my last S to get my Mastery 7

I got 2 S+ in well played matches with Ahri and now I need one more S rank to get the Mastery 7 on the nine tailed fox Ahri 😍
But the problem is I dont know how to secure this last S. I farm 5.5 cs/min and I play safe with little deaths and sometimes I get 5 or 6 kills in the game my vision is good though
Any tips to increase my chances to get this S rank ?
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2021.12.03 22:01 Ilikepotatoes_876 This makes me sad

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2021.12.03 22:01 Which-Role6078 I will bag and will tell you about what are some cryptocurrencies to buy in 2022

WONO is on my top scanner. It is a freelance exchange with an easy-to-use and transparent platform. It’s a combined marketplace for hiring freelancers and finding employers.
Wono would be the first freelance exchange in the world, using crypto as the payment between freelancers and customers.
The Wono tokens have NFT-certification. That means a freelancer may upload his CV or qualification certificates that would be approved by the platform, giving more rating to a freelancer.
WONO staking token follows the HRC-20 (Huobi Eco Chain, HECO) standard and can be transferred over HECO chain.
The token can be held in all HECO-compatible wallets, like Huobi, Alpha or Math.
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2021.12.03 22:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: estudei

estudei translates to studied
See previous words @
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2021.12.03 22:01 dannally Lovely moss while walking my dog. I say and tool a breather hole my dog peed on the 1st pic

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2021.12.03 22:01 hoffsdrawlar Succession poster makes sense

Kendall, Tom, and Greg going to prison?
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2021.12.03 22:01 Corporal_Retard Market Plumbing, Who's Risk? - Brokers or Transfer Agents. That Is The Question...

Hey Apes, we are going through some turbulent times; I'm with you in what has transpired to be the rockiest of roads in the fight against market and political corruption. The level of criminality and collusion of key market participants to turn a free market into a money-making machine is quite astounding.
Lets discover-how Brokers are at the centre of it all with unethical lending practices and how ownership technicalities coincide with the plumbing issues of our Markets and how disingenuous it has all become, and to shed light on how the market plumbing stacks the odds against retail investors; and the critical differences between Brokers and Transfer Agents and what role they play in this rigged system.
As you may know, Securities Lending is a perfectly legitimate practice for owners of a security to earn a yield on their Long term investments or for a broker to earn yield from their securities that they hold in their name (thats right, retail traders own the right to our brokers' underlying assets) Said differently; our brokers are the owners of securities that we have purchased a right to.
This is important because no matter the stock price, the Broker assumes zero risk on holding those assets; the investors that have purchased a right to those securities do. Prices going up or down is a non-issue for the brokers because they never paid for it; retail traders did.
Because the Broker assumes zero risk, there is an incentive to lend out as many securities as possible to earn the maximum yields without regard for price movement.
Think about that for a moment. Can you imagine someone paid you the total price for you to own a security; giving you the ability to lend that security for profit. Win-win, am I right?
You don't lose any money if the price of the security declines, and your guaranteed profits from lending out those securities to short-sellers. Is it a good deal that retail traders enter into with brokers? I think not.
There is a reason why Brokers terms and conditions are 40+ pages long; not many read or understand them.
Have you ever wondered why so many retail traders lose money? This is it!
Brokers lend out shares which results in a lower stock price but that doesn't matter to them if all they do is make money by share lending practices, the retail trader will incur a loss on a lower stock valuation so they might as well keep lending them out if they are the ones not holding the risk.
It is important to note: If all retail traders owned their shares, the number of borrowable shares on the markets would be very scarce beyond 20% because the borrowing fee (yield) would be very high. This would not be worth the implied return short sellers expect. < This is how it should be to prevent over-selling.
>Securities Lending - which is the process of temporarily transferring ownership of shares or bonds to another party, such as short-sellers. The companies earn a fee in return for loaning out their holdings.
To put that all into perspective- if all retail investors owned their securities, 3rd parties (Brokers), would not be able to flood the market with securities for maximum upside with zero downside, which results in a cheap but reliable supply of shares for short sellers to borrow. (Remember, the more they borrow, the more they increase supply, thus negatively affecting the price.)
Let's look at the risks of holding securities with a Broker;
1. Retail pays for a right to a (profit or a loss) of the brokers underlying asset.
2. Broker profits by lending out their shares that we own a right to, and then transfers ownership to short sellers by lending them.
3. Retail does not profit from the lending (because they do not own them) Retail instead loses value on their holdings because all brokers combined have lent to many shares (Over-Sold) thus resulting in a lowesuppressed share price. (Which is happening right now)
4. If Broker goes bankrupt whilst the shares you have a right to are on loan (assuming they do not have enough shares when it moons), retail traders lose out on their right to insurance of $250K from the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) because we do not own the share due to them being lent out/Street name.
5. Retail is left holding the bag with no shares or compensation.
Transfer Agents- are very different in comparison, if you want to learn more about what a Transfer agent is, click here.

There is only one way to stop these practices and that is to DRS.
You see, DRS isn't just about locking the float; it is to cut the head off the snake by taking away the biggest asset short-sellers have, the shares that they have taken temporary ownership of. Hedgies own the float, this is how they control it, they control our brokers' shares that we have paid for. To put a stop to this all we have to do is take back ownership of the float.
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2021.12.03 22:01 FallCompetitive7976 04-December I am still here

It is 04-December 01:01. I am joyful.
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2021.12.03 22:01 RaymondDoerr Anyway to stop getting likes from my old game? This is ridiculous!

Hey all, I just beat DS:DC on Hard and was looking forward to a "100% run" on Very Hard, but as soon as I started Very Hard, within just a couple game-days I started getting massive amounts of likes I couldnt explain. Seems I am getting likes from my old Hard mode game (I suspect, the roads).
I put a ton of work into the roads in my last game, so now I get like 8k to 15k likes a day from them, and thats great, except now I'm getting them in my "New Game" and it's breaking the balance, immersion and my plans. I wanted a fresh start, 100% clean run. Now I'm already at Bridge Link level 52 and I have not even left from Port Knot yet in the first area.
Any thoughts on how to solve this? It seems buildings are attached to your account and not your save, thus the only way I can get around this is with another profile. But then I can't get a platinum trophy on my main account.
I'm convinced this is actually a bug, I can't imagine why they would set the game up in such a way it's basically impossible to have a true, clean, brand new game.
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2021.12.03 22:01 Chocobo23456 Any tips for 4 prowlers against all 3 fatalis's?

I'm planning to beat all 3 fatalis in a 4 prowler squad, and I need advice on what to do. Any help is good ☺️.
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2021.12.03 22:01 Timoon554 A Vetrans Memoir (Gaming Montage)

Next Wednesday I've been on YouTube for six years. This video captures my best moments during that time mixed with new clips. Hence the cinematography, length and structure are more eccentric than any other video I've published.
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2021.12.03 22:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: оқыған

оқыған translates to studied
See previous words @
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2021.12.03 22:01 bm2bynd Hows the m15 r6 gaming laptop?

Hi I was looking for a good gaming laptop and heard this is a good one . this would be my first gaming laptop (and first gaming computer) can you share your experiences with it ?
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2021.12.03 22:01 Hush_Ayri I wish this was a joke

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2021.12.03 22:01 tBagley43 pondering my orb

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2021.12.03 22:01 cura_milk First time SMT players experience 8 hours into SMT V. Found this guy recently, his videos are funny

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2021.12.03 22:01 tagota3692 (F25) Down ~30lbs, what do you think?

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2021.12.03 22:01 axlbeats1 (FREE) *HARD* Anime Type Beat - "Gamakichi" Free Anime Type Beat 2021

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2021.12.03 22:01 DiagonalPixel Can you use someone else's art as your profile picture on Discord, Twitter, etc?

A lot of Discord users, me included, have pfps of someone else's art. Obviously the pictures are very tiny and cropped. For a personal, non-commercial account, is this technically allowed?
And what about Twitter users who use a game character or an anime character as their pfp, is that allowed?
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2021.12.03 22:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: पढ़

पढ़ translates to studied
See previous words @
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2021.12.03 22:01 Chance-Bobcat-8026 LOOKING FOR MANAGER

Denver I. Marzan Filipino
Why do you want to be a scholar?
:I want to be a scholar to help my parents pay my tuition expences and for me to have savings. I want to have savings for my future needs. Also, I want to have my own business someday that's why I work hard to ear scholar ship
Gaming Experience • Mobile legend • Call of duty mobile • Clash of clans
HOBBIES: •Gaming •Cooking •Watching movies
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2021.12.03 22:01 ultrAslan361 Doomsday heist criminal mastermind challenge

I need some one to help me out get the criminal mastermind challenge done in all the acts. I only want the trophy reward so I dont want to do the mastermind challenge were we supposed to do it with 2/3 and 4 players.
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2021.12.03 22:01 imafemboyloki2bad What does someone at the bottom of the ocean look like when they've been crushed?

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2021.12.03 22:01 creative-title Happy with my first workout back after taking a break after XC, anyone hyped for indoor?

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2021.12.03 22:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: estudado

estudado translates to studied
See previous words @
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