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Darius Garland fouls out with 3:44 remaining with a season high 32 points, 10 assists, a career high 8 rebounds, and a big lead against the Wizards

2021.12.03 23:17 PootieTooGood Darius Garland fouls out with 3:44 remaining with a season high 32 points, 10 assists, a career high 8 rebounds, and a big lead against the Wizards

In 34 minutes, Garland put up 34 points, 10 assists and 8 rebounds on 11-17 shooting, 5-6 from 3, and 5-5 from the line.
Coming in to tonight, Darius Garland has 21.9/2.9/6.6 since Sexton has gone down with his season ending surgery to repair his meniscus tear.
He has never had a game with >6 rebounds. His first game also happened to put up these other massive numbers.
Garland gets his season high in points, 10 assists, and a career high in rebounds.
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2021.12.03 23:17 Nicksweet555 Pyrazolam anxiety

Hey guys so I have massive anxiety and the doctors have me on a fuck ton of supposed good meds that the way people describe it would be a supposed party cocktail (lyrica,gabapentin,buspar,clonidine,propranolol,baclofen,suboxone) and a few others. All but the meds but the bac and subs are for anxiety. They don't work at all. Just make me stupid as shit not high or anything just like I have minor brain damage. But the reason they don't have me on a benzo is because I'm an ex venzo addict RCs included. So I tried I really did to get atleast where I could leave the house and it just wasn't happening even with counseling. And I also get UAd for subs and IOP so I couldn't go back to benzos not that that would work out so I take pyrazolam about 1mg a day maybe two if it's really bad and not even every day. It works. It helps and my tolerance doesn't seem to go up ( probably because it's not constant). And it works out because it's not sedating to me and it doesn't fuck me up so I can just live my life. It's been about 2 months now and my tolerance is fine and my anxiety is mostly under control BUT my counselor HATES it. "It's a benzo and your a benzo addict so it's not ok!" It seems like it's working for me and ya I know it's not all hard-core (been there guys) and the dose is low. But fuck man I feel like shit every time I take it. Like I'm back to being a "druggy" and that just because I'm sneaking by doesn't make it right. I just plane feel guilty. I hate it but I can not function in life without it. My family's like oh yay your doing great you've even started talking to people! And all I feel is fuck man I'm a liar and a user. But then there's people all over who aren't drug addicts that take 1mg of Xanax a day or 2 to calm down because they need it and it's ok because it's prescribed. I'm just so confused and guilty and don't know who else to talk too. Am I still using? Am I fooling everyone? Is this ok or should I go back to trying to have then shovel more pills down my throat because that's ok it's prescribed. I guess I just have nobody to talk to about this and no other forum even knows what an RC benzo is. Just let me know what you think I guess..
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2021.12.03 23:17 jonawic 👌

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2021.12.03 23:17 Illustrious_Art_7313 Join the Naruto Hentai Discord Server!

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2021.12.03 23:17 OkTrick4432 In game rating is horrible….. IS HE WORTH MAXING?!

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2021.12.03 23:17 Ljiajia [Spoilers ep9] If it was Vi instead of Silco

If Vi had died during the tea party, powder would live and jinx would die.
Powder or Jinx. I feel like her identity throughout the show have always been determined by her trust and relationship with Vi and Silco respectively. We have seen through Silco how vander's betrayal and the lost of trust can lead to the creation of a new identity. During the scene when Silco drowns/baptise Jinx, he said:
"Betrayal.. that pain that feels like it'll eat you from the inside out can either break you or forge you into something greater(into jinx) you need to let powder die so the fear of pain will no longer control you". Funnily enough, the hateful identity created from Vander's betrayal faltered after Vander's death. This can be seen from when Silco was opening himself up to Vander's statue, referring to Vander as his brother.
Back to Jinx. In the beginning, there was only Vi. Powder was still powder because she trusts Vi. However the night that powder's family died and Vi walked away after the explosion, jinx was born. Vi flat out called powder Jinx before she betray her in the form of abandoning her. Vi's betrayal created jinx and in that instant, Jinx met Silco who similarly had a brother betray him. From then on, Jinx grew up as Silco's daughter and her trust in Silco cemented the Jinx identity.
In short: Trust in Vi = powder, Vi's betrayal = jinx, Trust in Silco = Jinx.
So likewise, we can see that Silco's betrayal will lead to the re-emergence of powder. And that is exactly what happened when Jinx found out that Vi was still alive and Silco hid it from her. Powder finally had a spark to rebirth and that little girl pulled on the smoke signal to call out to her lost older sister.
By the time of the tea party, jinx/powder's identity is barely supported by trust at all. Instead it was supported by the betrayals of the two. All she see is Vi betraying her in the form of Caitlyn and the stone (the stone in the cupcake on a platter) and Silco betraying her in the form of the potential deal with piltover + hiding Vi; hence both Vi and Silco were tied up because they're traitors in her eyes.
At this point: Vi = Vi's betrayal = Jinx, Silco = Silco's betrayal = powder
That's why there was two chairs, because ironically the betrayals of Vi and Silco are keeping the respective opposite identities alive. Silco's life is reflecting his betrayal which reinforce powder and Vi's life is reflecting her betrayal which reinforces Jinx. That's also why PowdeJinx said that Vi could have powder back if she killed Caitlyn. Doing so will erase the betrayal and reintroduce her trust(powder) in Vi, resulting in Powder (trusting vi, Silco betrayal). However that didn't happen and as the tea party got more heated, both Vi and Silco attempts to influence Jinx to gain her trust which mentally overwhelmed her. She didn't know who to trust and her two identities literally tore her apart in her head (the breakdown prior to her going brrrr with her gatling).
In conclusion, during her breakdown, if she had killed Vi instead of Silco. The Vi = Vi's betrayal = Jinx part of the equation disappears leaving only Silco's betrayal = powder. The death of Vi will bring out powder's emotions and the Trust in Vi will be forever imprinted into powder's identity, especially if Vi left her with dying words like Silco did.
I mean just imagine, when the realisation that she killed her own sister hit her. There's nothing she can do but hold the dying Vi close as Vi said her last words: "I never wanted to abandon you, I'm sorry, I should have protected you".
Source: A shower thought 3 days ago and I've been thinking about it every since
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2021.12.03 23:17 internalocean 'The future is bleak.' Why more Brits are turning to food banks

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2021.12.03 23:17 AnyGur990 Lightlife dogs, mustard, onion, and boxed sangria. 🤌

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2021.12.03 23:17 Tatiana3211 Best friends 4 life

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2021.12.03 23:17 real_robbyanimations Ello I got reddit now EUEUUEIEIWUDJDJS7EUEHDHDHD

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2021.12.03 23:17 ttluver Perfect Bikini

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2021.12.03 23:17 6avocados UK: Paid survey for Grocery shoppers of Asda/Tesco/Sainsbury

ProductTube has launched a recurring monthly survey for grocery shoppers of Asda/Tesco/Sainsbury in UK.
Details are on their app. Link to download
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2021.12.03 23:17 mouchinhoreal Desabafo de um gajo que respira Benfica, ou benfica

Não ia à bola há 2 anos. Consegui bilhetes para este jogo assim à pressa, siga de Coimbra rapidinho depois do trabalho, para chegar à pressa comer uma bifana com um grande amigo que veio do Algarve e siga. Respiramos Benfica. Desde terça que não penso em mais nada. A Maria mandou me calar hoje ao almoço umas quantas vezes... Sabe lá ela o quanto me arrepio quando grito : " Nunca encontrou rival ... Neste nosso Portugal " é pena que não tenho um ecrã gigante em casa para estar sempre a passar a letra, só que não preciso, sei de cor. Desde puto que este é o meu hino.
Chego a Lisboa, o trânsito que se lixe. Os pelos da nuca trespassam o casaco, está um frio do crlh. Casaco esse que rapidamente sai quando se entra no estádio. Não há frio que me chegue, estou em casa, como que envolto num abraço da minha mãe. Que saudades tinha tuas!
Vejo o onze inicial, começa às dúvidas. Lázaro à direita, Gilberto no banco em terceira opção para direita. Mas que se lixe, na nossa casa ninguém nos lixa. Ainda mais sem 2 pilares na equipa adversária.
E aí caio na realidade, ou na confirmação que muito me custava admitir, o estádio da Luz não passa de um teatro, qual teatro dos sonhos. Onde pessoas que vão ver um jogo destes não sequer sabem o hino, não cantam, não puxam... Para isso é que temos o topo sul certo? Certo, mas não. O chá devia estar espectacular para aqueles lados.
É uma vergonha na Luz, na nossa fortaleza, na nossa casa CARALH@! Não haver um mínimo apoio de ninguém... Um gajo cantar, puxar e pessoas a olhar para nós com um desprezo enorme? Mas o que é isto?
A famosa onda vermelha rebentou há 1 ano quando este verme verde, entre outros, entrou na nossa espinha dorsal, o problema do Benfica é o treinador, mas também os dirigentes, os jogadores, os adeptos e ter um LDA no fim.
Não somos uma empresa, somos o clube do povo, que com muito custo gasta 100€ cada vez que vai ver o nosso amor jogar e o mínimo que exige não e5 ganhar por 5 ao sporting em casa, até podia perder por 10, mas porra se dessem tudo em campo, se deixassem o coração nas mãos como muitos outros deixaram, se houvesse realmente uma voz de comando e governasse tudo aquilo... Não me importava, deram tudo o que tinham e hoje não. É inacreditável, vergonhoso e anedótico o que se passou hoje.
Os meus parabéns ao sporting, adeptos incríveis e que saudades de tenho de ter uma equipa e não um conjunto de rasgos de individualidade de 20M cada.
Parabéns também à censura do speaker, se falam dos assobios e só ouviram uma pequena coisa do que eles foram imagino o que falavam se não tivessem colocado logo música.
O Benfica está podre e gostava tanto de me poder despedir dele, mas fds. Amo-te tanto e só quero que me faças feliz, eu faço tudo o que posso para te ajudar. Mas não me fodas mais pfv
Pelo menos na próxima volta é na Luz........
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2021.12.03 23:17 Top_Location ARDX vor 50% SI now

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2021.12.03 23:17 Outrageous_Spinach17 A few recent wins and podiums and two double wins 🌟! Been stuck in a design rut recently so some of these results surprised me but I’m super happy with the outcome.

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2021.12.03 23:17 Notarz Zekrom on me 1819 3533 8488

Do it
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2021.12.03 23:17 HeII_Boy Tell me where you came from, and everyone in the comments will stereotype you

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2021.12.03 23:17 shacker23 Strange behavior from Lightroom "Share Sheet"

Strange behavior from Lightroom This is odd. My usual workflow is that I edit with LR Desktop (Cloudy), but I share to image services from the iPad, using the "Share" widget (Share Sheet), mostly just to Flickr and Instagram. I did that today and look what happened - the image posted to Flickr came out fine, but the one posted to Instagram is washed out. It's as if when LR shared to Instagram, it used the colors from the RAW, pre-edited version.
I definitely did not select any filters or modify the image in any way. And this workflow usually works fine. So weird. I don't even know if a bug like this would be Lightroom's bug or Instagram's bug. Theories?
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2021.12.03 23:17 toasterllama15 My first rolled joints :) I used a machine but im still proud!

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2021.12.03 23:17 Cartoonist-Upstairs Why are radio stations reluctant about playing Kpop?

I don’t know if it’s like this everywhere, but where I live, the radio stations don’t play any Kpop songs. Butter by Bts was a huge song, and yet I’ve heard it on the radio only maybe twice? And that’s their only song that I’ve ever heard play. My friend also sent me a video of The Feels by Twice playing once, but that’s the only times that Kpop has ever played on the radio. I think radio stations have some sort of prejudice against boy groups and girl groups.
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2021.12.03 23:17 Top_Location What is ADXS’s price target for the next 12 months? Analysts predict a range of price targets between $2.25 and $2.25, with a median target of $2.25. Taking a look at these predictions, the average price target given by analysts for Advaxis Inc. (ADXS) stock is $2.25.

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2021.12.03 23:17 Additional_Rub2681 How to cry??????

There’s times when the emotional pain and loneliness I feel are just so overwhelming and I feel like crying is the only way to relieve it.
problem is, I can’t.
I had my heart broken back to back before and once I found out, I was so sad and hurt. I had a huge urge to cry, but it felt like my eyes weren’t letting me. The tears just refused to flow.
Am I depressed? I don’t understand???? Why can’t I cry???
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2021.12.03 23:17 dan232003 My wife is white and I'm Hispanic. When asked why I'm drawn differently my kid said "because we're all brighter than Daddy"

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2021.12.03 23:17 10marketing8 Charlie Munger wished Cryptocurrencies were never invented, anyone surprised?

#cryptocurrency #bitcoin #crypto #filingsearch
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2021.12.03 23:17 Mother-Philosopher63 [Positive] u/yawnburger

Thanks for the trade!
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