Could the U.S have legally held All Afghan people in interment camps after the events of 9/11

2021.12.03 22:07 minemeister Could the U.S have legally held All Afghan people in interment camps after the events of 9/11

This is a weird question, I just wanted to know if legally the U.S could have made another executive order like 9066, to where they could have held all Afghan people because of the fear of disloyalty. I do not know of any law that overturned Korematsu v. United States which I believe said the U.S president had the power to put the Japanese in Interment camps. I know it was not (Fully) Feasible but with the U.S holding people in Guantanamo with no change of crime could the same thing have happened to all Afghani people.
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2021.12.03 22:07 Apart_Assignment4167 Bloodwork question.

25 Male. Just has a tonsillectomy and adenoids removed on Monday November 29th. didn’t tolerate the procedure well. Anyways I just did some bloodwork (CBC) yesterday and my Monocytes(absolute) measured 1.0 x109/L. When I looked this up leukaemia (chronic myelomonoyctic) came up and said that this is a common cause of high monocytes. I’m a little concerned… the doctor said my bloodwork looked fine but it clearly isn’t. I don’t have any other symptoms besides some weight loss from not eating for 5 days after the surgery, as well as some hip pain. Idk if that’s related or not. My RBC and WBC and everything else is normal. should I explore this option? I’m very scared. Please someone give an opinion. Also, the doctor said that my tonsil area looks a bit red so I don’t know if that means an infection or not. Thank you.
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2021.12.03 22:07 femboymaxstirner Remember being 11

What was up with that
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2021.12.03 22:07 Purple_Device_4983 عروض كارفور الإمارات من 2 حتى 12 ديسمبر 2021 – الأعياد Carrefour Hypermarket UAE offers valid from 2 until 12 December 2021 Magic Of Festive Season brochure

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2021.12.03 22:07 heavenlyfarts What if people who bought land abandon the game?

In a few years, if people get bored, will there just be a bunch of abandoned land that no one can do anything with?
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2021.12.03 22:07 imbakingforfun What have you witnessed that made you think of a person " who raised you?"

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2021.12.03 22:07 BobRussRelick it's a cult

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2021.12.03 22:07 tehanami Dark thought in the comments. TW - Gothard and all of the horrifying J Shit

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2021.12.03 22:07 akaczy12 [WTS] Holosun 507C X2, Vortex crossfire red dot, and a couple other random things (CA)

Looking to get rid of a couple optics and some other random items that I no longer have a need for. All prices include shipping. Buyer will pay fee if G&S is used.
Vortex Crossfire Red Dot: Includes red dot sight, rubber lens cover, high mount, low mount, allen wrench, original packaging, and operating manual - $80
Holosun 507C X2: Includes red dot sight, low mount for picatinny, zeroing tool + allen, and operating manual (does not include original packaging) - $215
Glock 19/19x/45 (Gen 1-5) TLR-1, TREX ARMS Sidecar - $75
Daniel Defense grip n' rip charging handle - $65
16'' MCX Virtus handguard - $100
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2021.12.03 22:07 thepreesknees Sciency stickers with a splash of rainbow by ImmuniBeeByPree

Hi! I make sciency rainbow stickers in my Etsy shop called Immunibee by Pree: Right now they're general science/immunology/microbiology. I'm slowly expanding to space, physics, and geology. These are fun if you are looking for new water bottle or laptop stickers or a stocking stuffer for someone in STEM. I also do custom stickers for events or labs.
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2021.12.03 22:07 S7EFEN What's the justification for Axom Arc on jhin?

I've had a few people play it now in masters/gm mmr and I just don't get it. The item just doesn't make sense to buy because unless the fight is already won (ie, you make a pick, not actually fight as a team) ulting first sucks. Jhin ult damage does almost nothing compared to auto attacks.
Sure- cool, you can get a second ult off to chase and clean up. Except if you just held ult you'd get this either way.
Now, even before this build I'd occasionally have jhins who pull out their ult instead of Wing and moving forward to get off autos and I'd make the exact same argument for that being a flawed way to play. Ulting before the fight is over for any reason other than to chase people down with CC or snipe a kill on a pick is a huge waste of time, both because the DPS is low and because you are so far from the fight.
/somewhat rant.
Also, definitely not against lethality Jhin or manamune builds. Just the rushing Axom and the "i ult at the start of fights" style.
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2021.12.03 22:07 MajerRad I'm fairly new to the game, does anyone know why some of the steam engine's output is low?

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2021.12.03 22:07 Forsaken_Gain3559 My lovely Lola!

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2021.12.03 22:07 Pyrock2015 My first meme! (sorry if its bad lul)

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2021.12.03 22:07 NoiseGlobal569 💦

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2021.12.03 22:07 bilimbot İşlenmiş Gıdalar Sağlığınızı Nasıl Etkiliyor?

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2021.12.03 22:07 PuzzleheadedDress136 NBA Live FB, TW 🟥 Rockets vs Magic Live Stream➤ Pelicans vs Mavericks Live Stream➤ Mavericks vs Pelicans Live Stream➤ Celtics vs Jazz Live Stream➤ Jazz vs Celtics Live Stream➤ Suns vs Warriors Live Stream➤ Warriors vs Suns Live Stream➤ Clippers vs Lakers Live Stream➤ Lakers vs Clippers Live Stream

NBA Live FB, TW 🟥 Rockets vs Magic Live Stream➤ Pelicans vs Mavericks Live Stream➤ Mavericks vs Pelicans Live Stream➤ Celtics vs Jazz Live Stream➤ Jazz vs Celtics Live Stream➤ Suns vs Warriors Live Stream➤ Warriors vs Suns Live Stream➤ Clippers vs Lakers Live Stream➤ Lakers vs Clippers Live Stream submitted by PuzzleheadedDress136 to StrymTV [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 22:07 Sarlemon Steam library on different partition

Hey guys and gals,
after running linux mint as my main (and now only) OS for two weeks and regularly using steam and protondb as my gaming platform, i have to ask about a minor annoyance that has been bugging my for a while.
Whenever i boot up my pc and load into steam, my steam library, which is on a different "partition" (already heard that linux handles partitions like a folder or sth), steam library goes missing.
i have to go back into options and pick out the library folder manually, followed by steam verifying the files in it et cetera.
but heres the clue: at first, this doesnt even work, as i cant find the partition in the dropdown menu in steam. First i have to open explorer, open the partition there, then go back to steam and then it appears in the dropdown menu.
last thing cause its probably needed: using linux mint with cinnamon and protondb, the partition is formated in ext3/4

Thank you all for your help and have a wonderfull day yall
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2021.12.03 22:07 MyNameIsDoumeki A Wish Upon A Star TURNED UNEXPLAINED.....

7 years ago I was hanging out with a good friend(we had been close friends for years at this point) who was into "spiritual/unexplained activity"(meditation, certain religious practices, magic, etc..) and my own background was somewhat similar to my friend's in regards to my interests in "spiritual/unexplained activity".
We were both raised in Christian extremist households growing up where we were taught about the devil and demons and angels being as real in this world as the things we can see and because of that we both were raised with a natural interest in the unseen/spiritual side of reality. We were also both homeschooled, and both attended churches who actively participated in supernatural seeking activities like "speaking in tongues", "healing by prayer and laying on of hands", "baptism of the Holy Spirit", etc... That said, we've both had a unique and odd upbringing being hyper focused on other realms.
Adding to our religious background we've both always had a strong curiosity for things spiritual that were outside of what they teach you in church or within our own belief system and had enjoyed learning about other belief systems, meditation, psychedelics, "magic", "law of attraction", etc.
We had both started smoking medical marijuana around a year prior to this event. He wouldn't smoke often but I was smoking every day and would often smoke and go out in nature and pray or meditate after getting high.
On this night we went to a park by a mountain in Phoenix, AZ called "Lookout Mountain". We got high and then thought it'd be cool to climb into a Palo Verde tree and do some meditation. We both climbed the tree and were on branches on opposite sides of the tree and were facing opposite directions. I started doing some deep breathing and wanted to try something I never tried before so I looked out into the night sky and picked out a random star. I thought to myself that maybe we can really "Wish Upon A Star" so as I was up in the tree deep breathing I decided to do just that. As I stared at this star I mentally spoke to it(as if I was praying) and basically told the star that I was reaching out to it and wanted to hear back from the star or whomever is listening and that I am open to hearing a message or something along those lines... I continued to do this for what seemed like a couple minutes...
Then, ALL OF A SUDDEN... The craziest thing happened! In the sky it seemed like there was an explosion and I "heard/felt" what I refer to as a "silent BOOOOOOOOOOOM".... It was deep and quiet and smooth and as soon as I heard the noise a saw an explosion of colors span across the sky like a huge wall spanning miles and miles high and miles and miles wide, it was HUGE.... It was like a rainbow with layered colors. I saw green-ish, blue-ish, purple-ish, and maybe red-ish too.. but there were definitely the first 3 colors clear and bright across the sky and I was so in awe that I didn't wanna look away and was worried that if I looked away I wouldn't see this ever again... so even though I wanted to point it out to my friend I decided to stare for around 20-30 seconds on my own and just experience the moment and incredible sight on my own... THEN after around 30 seconds of this still being in the sky I looked over to my friend and asked if he "heard/felt" that BOOOOOOM or saw the colors anywhere and he said he hadn't seen or heard anything. It makes sense because he wasn't looking in that direction but i think it's so odd that I felt/heard that silent boom and he didn't even hear or feel that at all... So this definitely seemed like something only I experienced that night.

I never experienced anything like this before or after. It was amazing. I had no idea what to think of the event but I thought it was really neat!!
Something else odd happened though... SO, months later my brother, myself and our mutual lady friend(who later became my wife: we've now been together for 7 years and it's great!) were all at the same park and were sitting on the grass one night and had been smoking and just chilling out enjoying the chill vibes enjoying a beautiful night out... My brother and I were just chilling sitting on the grass chatting and our friend was off a few feet away on her own staring off into the sky and then all of a sudden she turned told us she had experienced the SAME EXACT THING THAT HAPPENED TO ME months earlier with the "silent booooooooom" and the colors layered across the sky.... Only thing is. she wasn't reaching out to some star or meditating like I was... And this time she was the only one to see/experience this strange awesome happening...
To this day I'm not sure what we both experienced but I think about it from time to time and think about how cool it is :) I like the fact that only me and my wife experienced that, like it seems like it could have been some kind of sign? WHO KNOWS... Regardless, it was super neat and neither of us have ever had this happen again...
If anyone has read this far, thank you for reading my story! If anyone has ever experienced something like this as well please let me know!?!? :) I would love to hear about it!
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2021.12.03 22:07 First-Imagination565 Hoje vi uns ep de pica pau

To quase chorando, me lembrando da época q jogava minecreft, via tazer creft, cartoon network, disney xd, nickeloedeon via pica pau, quando era feliz. Vcs q são mais velhos não sabem o sentimento de ouvir uma musica do mine.
Naquela época tudo era tão novo, tão legal, hoje tudo virou uma rotina vazia, tudo tão sem sal.
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2021.12.03 22:07 Room_Professional Looking for Sugar Daddy!

Looking for Sugar Daddy! Heyyy! I'm Monica and if you wanna see more write me a message!
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2021.12.03 22:07 colecummine How do I check if my motherboard is NVME compatible?

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2021.12.03 22:07 Interesting_Being971 TOOK FAR EXAM TODAY

Hi I took far again today. I feel like an idiot l. I probably had the easiest exam in all of exam history. Had problems that were Litterally probably word for word from Becker simulated exam #2 no monetary exchanges, Litterally exactly one of the same research questions, one on inventory reconciliation to accounts payable and then another WHICH WAS LITTERALLY A SIM ON Indirect statement of cash flows taught by Mike brown and I couldn’t for the life of me remember what we did. Oh well. I know I’m improving . Study those statements of cash flows: who knew Lol
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2021.12.03 22:07 Creative_Time2175 housing reservations

hi everyone, i finally got my housing reservation today after over a week of waiting!
just curious: has anyone else received theirs in their email?
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2021.12.03 22:07 xiaodaireddit Cup noodles as shogi pieces

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