Can I use a non-mesh router with my Google Nest Router?

2022.01.19 03:58 SolninjaA Can I use a non-mesh router with my Google Nest Router?

Hi, I was wondering if I can still have my mesh network throughout the house but have a separate router that only provides internet to one room. So basically there would be two internet connections: Nest-WiFi - The house OtherRouter-WiFi - One room
I want to do this without buying another internet plan for the other router, thanks!
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2022.01.19 03:58 camilleryan4 Method of payment on January 21st

I know the reservation portal opens on January 21st at 8am and that I will need a method of payment ready. On this date will I be paying only the reservation fee? Or will I also be paying for the West Coast Trail Overnight Use Fee and the ferry fees? I am just curious because I am booking for a fairly large group.
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2022.01.19 03:58 Ithinkwereparkedman Glmr deposit bonus

Hi, does anyone know when the GLMR deposit bonuses will be awarded? I seem to remember the t&c's saying within 7 days of the glmr campaign ending.
I deposited some glmr on the day trading opened.
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2022.01.19 03:58 MechMasterZaneli Tips for fast learning

I recently started learning Spanish with duolingo & am hoping to be fluent after 3 or 4 years.
Immersion is one of the best ways to learn so I've set my YouTube & netflix subtitles to Spanish, and am seeking out more Spanish music.
What are some other things I can do?
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2022.01.19 03:58 Queenxzz -

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2022.01.19 03:58 TheTinyBastion H: 1k per W: script combat shotguns

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2022.01.19 03:58 sexy_igloo Hiii😘

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2022.01.19 03:58 gate666 I completely accept that #TauqeerRaza is a murderous bigot & the INC is two faced condemning the #haridwar meet while absorbing him. Now maybe the BJP can tell me when they plan to arrest Tauqeer instead of just tweeting about it? Or is this also some grand “masterstroke”?

I completely accept that #TauqeerRaza is a murderous bigot & the INC is two faced condemning the #haridwar meet while absorbing him. Now maybe the BJP can tell me when they plan to arrest Tauqeer instead of just tweeting about it? Or is this also some grand “masterstroke”? submitted by gate666 to indianews [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 03:58 amancoreseg Android 12 update rolled out in the US for the Galaxy S20 units including S20 FE 5G

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2022.01.19 03:58 Fruitbat2002 Who?

Who? JP More Gone! That's Who!
End The Mother Fucker!
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2022.01.19 03:58 Jadebunny87 Can you tell I've been crying all night? (Over 18)

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2022.01.19 03:58 Humble_Lecture4870 hombre o mujer para paja dm

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2022.01.19 03:58 farcigrar I read Jesus Christ was compassionate but what can you do if they refuse to change the hardness of their heart?

Though my methods seem harsh at times and too outspoken it is because I truly believe the gospel and I truly believe the Bible offers guidance on how to live that will alleviate suffering for all of humanity. I truly believe that the most compassionate thing for a human to do is to follow Jesus Christ and to live to do what the Bible says. What can I do if they have no love in their hearts? What can I do if they have no mercy in their hearts?
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2022.01.19 03:58 bartex69 31[M4F] EU Hey! You look cute, you want to hold hands and stuff?

HELLO!, My name is Bart, 31yo I'm Polish and for the last 8 years I'm living in Ireland and this post could be little bit long, sorry.
Since this global pandemic I think a lot of us is missing intimate contact with other person, whether it is casual flirting, spooning/cuddle watching Netflix or maybe simple things like walk in park etc and looks like upcoming year still will be really hard for us single folks! So here I am and maybe I'm looking for you?!... or you maybe form me🤷‍♂️
So you maybe want to know more about me?
This is me and This is me
Well...I won't shock anyone if I say I'm a nerd, so whatever stereotype you hold about nerds I probably somehow fit that, except I don't live in my parent basement... in general I don't live with my folks and I have job! I'm average person nothing exciting most of the time is happening in my life, but I'm trying to spice my life from time to time.
Indoor person most of the time, introvert to some degree but very social, sometimes I need day or two to recharge my "social" batteries so there are days I'm bit quiet. I like go out, drinks in pub, home parties, cinema or just hanging outside, hikes or road trips got me excited recently but Irish weather suck so yeah. I'm a person who most of the time don't take life seriously, friends say I'm funny, true and facts but my sense of humor don't always resonate with everyone.( I can't believe I need write this, trigger warning, if you like political correctness I'm not your guy)
What I'm looking for? Wife material so we could buy a house, THE BIGGEST fukin dog and just get old together, I know this is crazy thinking in 2022!
About you
Just be good person maybe have a job or study to get a job because financial stability is somehow important in todays times, Would be cool if you are easy going person, super chill with no drama, just in general don't be "Karen". You can't be over sensitive, have a distance to yourself and world. So whatever loosely fits those "crazy" requirements? I probably will like you.
This bothers me, don't know why holding conversation is so hard? If you have tendency to disappear in between msg for 3 or 5 days or only reply in two or three words what's the point? This won't work
Mental health, since I got bad experience here previously so I need say this, I know people have shit in their life and that's fine, if you have anxiety or panic attacks, phobias or other mental health problems, or you extremely shy to some degree that's fine until you work on your problems and that doesn't cripple your day to day life. I can be there for you, I can support you as one can but I don't want be a person who will deal with your problems for you. I hope this doesn't sound too harsh.
Would be nice
Since I included pic of myself, it's only fair to do the same! it's 2022 we can fly to moon but saying you can't send me pic of yourself is sus! and people just try catfish people here so that's the main reason.
This whole post is a lot I know and you should treat this whole essay just as "more or less", I'm open for other options as well, if this somehow resonate with you or peek your interest, msg I don't bite... unless you want me to;)
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2022.01.19 03:58 Fabulous-Junket-5299 Can this light be removed and replaced?

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2022.01.19 03:58 improbable_humanoid Hidden costs of buying an large, old house?

I am interested in buying a former B&B because it's cheap, huge, and comes with a sauna and a commercial-grade kitchen, but people are telling me the property taxes would be ruinously expensive.
Does anyone have experience buying and living in a similar home? Would it actually cost that much?
It's slightly older than me, but being a bubble-era "pension" it likely wasn't built as cheaply as typical houses of the area. It looks to have had a lot of renovation work on it (because who wants to stay in run-down B&B), but I don't have any idea how much maintenance and heating/cooling would cost.

I suppose I could do AirBnB during the fall foliage and ski season to offset costs, unless that would affect my property taxes.
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2022.01.19 03:58 CulminatingShiba Reddit should have a ‘sort by cringe’ option

I think that would be pretty cool
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2022.01.19 03:58 Strange__Seat TheVillainInThisGame is Disingenuous

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2022.01.19 03:58 Xx-Nikolai21-Xx what overlord death battle you want

lets go
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2022.01.19 03:58 Specific-Drummer-619 Helpful tips for turning 2D art into 3D art in this Blender tutorial by Marco Bucci

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2022.01.19 03:58 garbagegamez What

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2022.01.19 03:58 littlek3000 Is it just me or is checkra1n the worst jailbreak I have ever used?

Like seriously, I have to force restart my phone daily because checkra1n is just utter dog shit, my phone hangs for an ungodly amount of time and I usually have to force restart anyway because it doesn’t force itself into safe mode, and when I try to boot it to safe mode it just hangs forever. Same thing with even a simple fucking respring, it hangs forever and doesn’t actually do anything, I’m truly sick and fucking tried of this dog shit jailbreak, it’s unfortunate it’s 1 am and I don’t feel like getting up, but once I wake up I’m restoring this piece of shit and getting rid of checkra1n. Maybe I’ll go to uncover but this phone and checkra1n are both garbage.
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2022.01.19 03:58 fucking_meme_expert (21) looking for friends and im im kinda lost lmao

I've been in kinda a depessive slump lately and I'm trying to snap it and be more productive and stuff and talk to some people. Well a lil about me i am queer and shit so if that bothers you dont talk to me. I LOVE music and could recommend stuff all day. i listen to practically all kinds of music. i really dont know where to go with the rest of this lol im will to talk about anything :3
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2022.01.19 03:58 MieraJ It's okay if Tricia make mistakes guise, don't hate her she doesn't deserve it UwU /s

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2022.01.19 03:58 hackadaybot Learning the Ropes With a Raspberry Pi Mandelbrot Cluster

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